semi-annual update

We played some memorable shows this year. Even had a bonding road trip to Kansai for a couple more. Will someday get around to putting pix up.

Sadly, along the way this year, we had to make a change in our line-up. Long time axe-master Petteri P. was replaced by good friend of the band, Hubert Benke. HB had filled in a couple of times in Petteri’s absence before, so he was a natural choice to give a trial run. Originally thought of as only as a temporary band-aid, he has fit in so well, that we have asked him to stay on.  We wish Petteri nothing but success in his many other projects.

New album release

page 3 cartoonWell, I’m bad about updating this page and I apologize to anyone who has wondered what exactly we have been up to.

We have recorded a few of our songs and are putting them out there for yeh to judge in short order!

CD’s will be available at our upcoming Saint Patrick’s weekend bender shows at both Warrior Celt and What The Dickens!

We’ll also have some new colors for the those of yeh who like to sport the T-shirts!

See yeh soon!